Border Advocacy Groups

On this page, you will find a list of organizations actively working for just and humane border practices in the United States and Mexico. Many of them have volunteer programs while others provide advocacy tools and ways to get involved.



The reality of life on the borderlands is much more complex and unjust than most people realize. BorderLinks offers experiential learning opportunities that explore the difficulties of migration and life along the U.S./Mexico border. We aim to educate individuals through interactive experiences. Find out how you can be a part of BorderLinks.


Beyond Wall Campaign 2019

President Trump’s anti-immigrant policies cruelly and needlessly tear apart families, indefinitely detain parents and children, and deny legal rights to people fleeing violence. This administration’s policies will affect human rights for generations to come. Now is the moment to act.


Colibri Center for Human Rights

We identify human remains on the US-Mexico border through comprehensive forensic research and reliable data on missing persons.


Humane Borders Water Stations Sonoran Desert

Humane Borders, motivated by faith and the universal need for kindness, maintains a system of water stations in the Sonoran Desert on routes used by migrants making the perilous journey here on foot. Our primary mission is to save desperate people from a horrible death by dehydration and exposure and to create a just and humane environment in the borderlands. We locate our water stations on government and privately owned land with permission from the landowners.


International Migrant Rights Collective

Pueblo Sin Fronteras is a transborder organization made up of human rights defenders of diverse nationality and immigration statuses that promotes accompaniment, humanitarian assistance, leadership development, recognition of human rights, and coordination of know-your-rights training along migrant routes, as well as monitoring and raising awareness of human rights abuses against migrants and refugees in Mexico and the United States. Our accompaniment does not end at the border, it continues in the immigration detention centers of the United States and the communities in Mexico and the US.


No Border Walls

This wall is contrary to what makes this country great and stymies efforts to protect our friends, our neighbors, our colleagues, our families, and ourselves, forcing millions to live in fear. It is an affront to human and civil rights and to our vibrant border communities and borderlands. A wall between the US and Mexico is contrary to what makes this country great. It threatens human rights and comes at a high cost to border communities, taxpayers, wildlife, and the environment.


Stop the border wall. Oppose any legislation that fund it

The border wall is yet another gimmick used by the Trump administration to intimidate communities, particularly Latinx and immigrant ones, that are fighting for their civil rights, including their right to a healthy environment. It’s a symbol of fear being justified by the fiction that our border communities must be militarized and somehow deserve fewer protections under the law. A wall is a waste of money and a distraction from the very real issues border communities face. Our border communities need funding for schools, environmental cleanup, and wildlife protection, not a divisive wall. Tell Congress to protect communities, lands, wildlife, and historic cultural sites from the border wall.