The following are issues we intend to support, research and write essays/posts about for the new web site entitled: Halting and Healing the Border Disorder. Not listed in order of importance.  Anyone can submit an essay or post for consideration. We seek to collaborate with individuals and organizations that share our goals.


  • Get out the Vote in 2020: local, regional and national.
  • Assess and publicize the damage done by the Border Wall to our lands and the environment, including damage to scenic values as well as to cultural and religious practices.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the Wall in preventing illegal migration, drug and human smuggling: Is the Wall worth the damage it causes?
    1. Alternate ways to support borderland residents who are harmed by immigration, drug and human smuggling.
    2. Research the economic and cultural costs done by the Wall in order to relate those costs to other under-funded needs, both local and national.
    3. Support organizations and programs that oppose building/extending the Wall.
  • Work with partners and programs to invest in Central American countries and Mexico to stabilize their economies and decrease violence and gang-related human terror.
  • Identify and support organizations and programs that are working to humanely treat immigrants crossing the border, with a focus on keeping families together.
  • Encourage the United States to establish a pathway to citizenship or legal residency for DACA recipients.