Advice from Our Neighbor to the South

In my opinion the U.S. citizens—those with common sense and commitment—are the ones who can and should do most of the healing. We are here to help, but all US citizens with a conscience and a brain should be out and recruiting voters all over the country, something that very few are doing. And I believe that is the reason why Trump was elected and will likely be elected. Not enough of you are registering voters. As for the task at hand, here is my contribution:

I have heard references to Trump having opened Pandora´s box. He has divided the people of the U.S., alienated all sectors of society, and isolated the U.S. from the world global community. Least [we] forget that when Pandora opened the box and released all evils before finally closing it, there was one thing left in the box: Hope. We must make the best use of that hope. We all must heal the border, the country, the world. We all are responsible and we can all contribute. It´s time.


Rodrigo Medellin, Professor, National Autonomous University of Mexico; Former Research Director for Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.